specialized upholstery services for boats, dental equipment, chiroproactic equipment, medical equipment, automotive

Professional on-site re-upholstery of Dental chairs, Chiropractic tables and all other medical tables /chairs, and boat/pontoon covers

My name is Mike Fenton I am the owner/operator of Specialized Services Upholstery, I offer Professional on-site upholstery of Dental, Chiropractic, Optometry, Podiatry, Dermatology, and all medical clinics as well as painting services for chair bases ,x ray units, lights etc. I gladly give God the glory for the success of my business and the gifts/ skills He has Blessed me with. I have been re-upholstering Dental/Medical equipment for over 35 years. The first 10 years or so I worked for a nationwide Dental upholstery company traveling the country from coast to coast to hundreds of offices and also doing some training of new upholsterers.

When I left them I started my own business concentrating on the 5 state area of the mid west so as not to be gone from home for weeks at a time. I do work regularly for some of the largest Dental and medical companies in MN as well as plenty of smaller offices, everyone gets the same professional services. Most of my new business comes from referrals from office to office/ Dr. to Dr., for that I'm very appreciative.

Specialized Services, LLC
On Site Medical Upholstery