NYTEK® faux leathers have been used in dental chairs, examination
tables, hospital furniture, and other health care applications where
cleaning and disinfecting are performed frequently.

In response to questions regarding safe products to use on FINESSE®,
Majilite has evaluated several cleaners/disinfectants and recommends the

Cleaning: Wipe the NYTEK® with a mild soap and water solution using a
soft clean cloth or sponge. Avoid cleaners containing abrasives or bleach.
Rinse with clean water, dry with a soft cloth or towel.

Disinfecting: The following products are acceptable based on our testing:
Dilute as directed and apply as per the manufacturers label instructions.

Aseptiphene 128 Phenol/water
Bi-Arrest II Phenol/water Infection Control
Cetylcide Tertiary ammonium chlorides/
Tertiary ammonium bromides/
Cetylite Ind. Inc.
Omni II Phenol/water ADM Medical
Precise Cleaner Phenol Cal Tech
Procide Spray Glutaraldehyde/Phenol Cottrell Ltd.
Sterall Spray Glutaraldehyde

Iodophors such as Biocide, Wescodyne, ProMedyne Iodofive, etc. are not
included on the acceptable list at this time due to concerns regarding possible
staining of the FINESSE® surface.

The following products are currently not recommended for use on NYTEK®:

Coefoam, Coe Spray, Coe Foam Plus
Healthco Aerosol Foam Cleaner
Lysol, Lysol II, Lysol Professional
Asepti-steryl Aerosol
Procide ES
Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions (Chlorine Bleach)
Alcohols such as Isopropyl alcohol and Ethanol

Majilite endorses no particular product with regard to its specific ability to clean
and/or disinfect, only that approved products have been shown not to harm the
NYTEK® finish.

Our evaluations were based upon the disinfectants as currently formulated and
may not reflect possible future reformulations or modifications by the

Majilite continues to examine the effects on NYTEK® of various commercial
disinfectants. Our laboratories are available to test specific products per
customers’ requests.

The NYTEK faux leather collection includes; FINESSE, PRESTIGE, DESTINY,

Cleaning Naugahyde®  AND OTHER “VINYLS”

Advanced BeautyGard™ Protective Finish

Cleaning is a breeze with Naugahyde brand fabric and its Advanced BeautyGard protective finish. While staining and soiling exposures are common to upholstery fabrics, most stain and soiling may be removed by using the simple cleaning methods that follow:

For Light soiling:
1. A solution of 10% household liquid dish soap with warm water applied with a soft damp cloth will remove most soiling.

2. If necessary, a solution of liquid cleanser and water applied with a soft bristle brush. Wipe away the residue with a water-dampened cloth.

For Heavier soiling not solved by above method:
1. Dampen a soft white cloth with lighter fluid (naphtha) and rub gently. Rinse with a water-dampened cloth.

NOTE: Use extreme caution with this method. Complete only in a well-ventilated area and away from any open flame.

NOTE: You should try this method on an inconspicuous spot before using it on the original stain/soiling.

For the most difficult stains not removed by the above methods:
1. Dampen a soft white cloth with a solution of household bleach (sodium hypochlorite); 10% bleach, 90% water.

2. Rub gently.

3. Rinse with a water-dampened cloth to remove bleach concentration.

4. If necessary, allow a 1:10 diluted bleach solution to puddle on the affected area or apply with a soaked cloth for approximately 30 minutes. Rinse with a water-dampened cloth to remove any remaining bleach concentration.

NOTE: You should try this method on an inconspicuous spot before using it on the original stain/soiling.

To restore luster, a light coat of spray furniture wax can be used. Apply for 30 seconds and follow with a light buffing using a clean white cloth.

Naugahyde with Advanced BeautyGard provides outstanding protection in difficult medical and health care environments.

Contains agents effective against bacterial and fungal microorganisms.

Please Review Carefully
CAUTION: Should you desire to use other cleaning methods, carefully try them in an inconspicuous area to determine potential damage to the material. Never use harsh solvents or cleaners which are intended for industrial applications. To clean stained or soiled areas, a soft white cloth is recommended. Avoid use of paper towels.

CAUTION: Cleaning products may be harmful/irritating to your skin, eyes, etc. Use protective gloves and eye protection. Do not inhale or swallow any cleaning product. Protect surrounding area/clothing from exposure. Use in a well ventilated area. Follow all product manufacturer’s warnings. Naugahyde cannot be held responsible for damage or injuries resulting from the use or misuse of cleaning products.

NAUGAHYDE® the original vinyl coated fabric.
All the rest are imitations!

Cleaning Instructions for Ultraleather

  • Spot clean with mild soap and water.
  • Air dry or dry quickly with warm setting of a hair dryer.
  • For stubborn stains, use mild solvent (ie. Fantastic or Formula 409).
  • Disinfect with a 5:1 bleach solution.
  • Dry cleanable by conventional methods using commercial dry cleaning solvents.
  • This material cannot be machine-washed.

Stain Removal:

Use mild detergent for coffee, tea, red wine, liquor, soft drinks, milk, ketchup, steak sauce, soy sauce, mayonnaise, butter, salad oil, chocolate, cosmetic foundation, lipstick, face cream, suntan oil/lotion, shoe polish and urine.

Use a mild cleaning fluid (Woolite) on stains like machine oil and on more stubborn stains when mild detergent is not enough.


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Boltaf lex “with PreFixx® protective finish.
This Boltaflex collection has been coated with PreFixx
protective finish, designed to be cleaned easily, over and
over, without showing signs of wear. With PreFixx protec-
tion, it is possible to remove stains that could never be
removed before. Now, with test-proven stain resistance
and cleanability, plus superior abrasion resistance,
PreFixx-protected Boltaflex protects you from high
maintenance costs and from frequent upholstery costs.
PreFixx finish goes beyond previous protection.
Performance. State-of-the-art resistance to staining, abra-
sion, scuffing, burnishing and blocking demonstrated in
repeated laboratory tests.
Durability. Resists stain penetration of the vinyl for unique,
long-term protection never before possible. The superior
stain resistance and improved wear properties help keep
PreFixx-protected Boltaflex looking new far longer than
other vinyl upholstery.
Easy maintenance. Common stains like dirt and smudges
simply wipe off. More difficult stains like ballpoint inkcan be
cleaned with active solvents such as nail polish remover
without damaging the PreFixx finish, when following the
recommended cleaning instructions.
PreFixx protective finish.
• Outstanding stain resistance and cleanability- most stains
wash off easily with mild cleaners, but active solvents may
be used to remove difficult stains.
• Abrasion resistance — Wyzenbeek wire screen abrasion
tests performed by GenCorp show 10 to 12 times better
abrasion resistance than a similar product coated with
a clear vinyl finish. These tests show that vinyl
upholstery with a clear vinyl finish withstands about
6,000 test cycles, while Boltaflex with Prefixx
withstands 60,000 to 75,000 test cycles.
• Resistant to common scuffing and burnishing.
• Eliminates blocking and resists premature aging.
Care and cleaning.
Day-to-day soil. Remove ordinary dirt and smudges with a
mild soap and warm water solution. Dry with a soft, lint-free
cloth or towel. For more difficult stains, use of a stronger
detergent is recommended, however, follow the detergent
manufacturer’s instructions closely.
Special cleaning problems. The following steps are
recommended to clean stains on PreFixx-protected
vinyl upholstery. Many difficult stains can be removed
when these cleaning agents are used in the following
order, t
Step 1 cleaners: Nonabrasive household cleaners to be
used with a soft cloth or damp sponge.
• Formula 409® All-Purpose Spray Cleanser
• Fantastik® Spray Cleaner
• Other similar household cleaners and bleaches.
Rinse cleaned area with fresh water and dry with a
clean cloth.
Step 2 cleaners*: Solvent-type cleaner to be liberally
applied with a soft cloth or damp sponge.
• Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)
• Lighter fluid (naptha)
Rinse cleaned area with fresh water and dry with a
clean cloth.
Step 3 cleaners*: Strong, active solvent cleaners such as
nail polish remover (acetone/water) to be applied with a
soft cloth or damp sponge. Stain should be removed with
less than six (6) rubs; if stain persists after six rubs, stain has
set and it is unlikely that it can be removed. Rinse cleaned
area with fresh water and dry with a clean cloth.
tAlthough vinyls protected with PreFixx are resistant to most common stains, some fabric dyes
have the ability to create a permanent stain. To minimize any problems from these and other
stains, it is recommended that as soon as they are noticed all stains should be cleaned, making
sure the recommended cleaning steps are followed in order.
?CAUTION: These solvents are highly flammable. Exercise proper care in cleaning and notify
personnel in area of danger. Wear rubber gloves during all cleaning activity. Use caution in
cleaning around buttons, stitching and wooden or other decorative trim, since these solvents
could seriously damage such areas.
Recommended cleaning solutions
for PreFixx-coated Boltaflex.
Staining Agent
Type of Cleaner
Spray Paint
Permanent Felt Tip Marker Pen
Ballpoint Pen
low Mustard
1 -1
Eye Shadow
Betadine 1
Coffee 1
Tea 1
Hair Oil Tonic
pe juice 1
OliveOil 1
Motor Oil 1
Chocolate 1
Ketchup 1
Bain (

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